Saturday, July 28, 2007

Swarovski Dog Collars

Canine Creations


Imagine Glamming up your Furry little friend in the next best thing to diamonds......
We have done just that!
Inspired by todays fashion trends, we have created a custom made
Sparkeling Birthstone Collection,
in Genuine Swarovski® Crystals that reflects the 12 birth months of the year. We have also developed a
growing Jungle Collection, inspired by

Animal Patterns and Camouflage in different colorways. And last but certainly not not least is our
Posh Collection, where you are sure to find a design
to accessorize any Fashionista's outfit.
You can view all our Collections below and you can find them and more fashion items at


* Birthstone Collection *Jungle Collection * Posh Collection


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